Until 2017, QEEP has been 10 years old. 

Firstly, we are thankful for all the customers’ support during these 10 years.

In AUTOMECHANIKA SHANGHAI,we will have series activities to give back all our old and new customers .

1. Plenty of cash coupons(could be deducted in the order) will be launched by different manner.

2.If order one container in these period, you will get a surprise present in the container.

3. Pay $1.00 to get gifts worth of $100.

4. A big party will be held in the Automechanika Shanghai, with more new products and gifts, bottom prices and so on.

More details, we will make a formal scheme and send you by email. So if you have interest, pls write to us at email

If you have any good suggestions for us, it will be welcomed as well.